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Online Acne Dermatologist

 End Acne Today provides you with online access to a U.S. Board Certified Dermatologist.

Your Perfect Skin is a Click Away.

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Why End Acne Today?

For nearly 30 years, End Acne Today has been providing high quality acne skin care to patients of all ages. Innovative Dermatology Alliance brings you "End Acne Today", a service that provides you with a personalized online acne consultation and treatment for all ages.

It is simple and convenient:

  1. Access to board certified dermatologist in minutes instead of 2-3 months.

  2. Don't take time away from school, sports or work. End Acne Today is convenient and fast!

  3. Get a custom acne treatment supported with FDA approved prescription medication.

The benefits:

Dr. Rex is a U.S. board-certified dermatologist, a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and American Society for Dermatological Surgery.

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How it works

The only thing worse than suffering from acne is waiting for an appointment with a dermatologist, which can be weeks or months. At End Acne Today, there is no wait time. That way, you can get a diagnosis and acne treatment plan quickly and easily anytime and from anywhere.


The process is simple. First, submit the necessary information. When the dermatologist is done with the evaluation, you will receive a treatment plan. All this is done without taking extra time out of your day. Our process is as simple as emailing, video chatting, or texting back and forth with a close friend.

1) Answer health questions

These questions cover your medical history, symptoms, current medicines, and allergies. 

2) Take pictures

We'll look at your images to make a diagnosis. 

3) Doctor review

Our medical team will decide if it's safe to give you a prescription. We may message or call you with follow-up questions.

4) Pharmacy pick up

If we approve your request, we’ll send you a message when we send your prescription to the pharmacy. 


A healthy and beautiful skin is a click away.

We have physical locations in Arizona and California.

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